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    Learn Kinesiology with Touch for Health Courses
    Accredited by the International Kinesiology College

    What is Touch for Health?

    Touch for Health kinesiology(TFH) is a system of natural health care which combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy and body function, applying a range of gentle, yet powerful healing techniques to improve health, well-being and vitality.

    TFH was created by Dr John Thie over 25 years ago from the work of Dr George Goodheart, both of whom are American chiropractors.

    TFH forms the foundation of almost all other kinesiology systems. It is also the best introduction and foundation for training in kinesiology. TFH is taught in over 50 countries worldwide including USA, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

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    Who can learn Touch for Health

    Everyone! No previous knowledge or experience is required. The TFH system was designed for anyone to use on:-

  • Themselves
  • Friends
  • Family

    Whatever your situation young or old, health professional or lay person, parent or business person - you can learn, use and benefit from TFH.

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    What will I learn?

    The courses in TFH will teach you how to muscle test to determine physical and energy imbalances in the body.

    You will learn techniques, which have been drawn from:-

  • Chiropractic
  • Osteopathy
  • Oriental medicine

    to balance 14 major muscles and the meridians to:-

  • Improve posture
  • Enhance vitality
  • Alleviate tension and reduce pain

    You will also learn how to determine food sensitivities.

    Courses are carefully graduated for ease of learning and students learn through practical hands on application of what is taught. Tuition is supported by the clear and informative Touch for Health Handbook.

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    Touch for Health Courses 1-4

    TFH 1: Introduces the principles of TFH, the art of muscle testing, the 14 basic muscle tests and main corrective techniques. It shows how food can strengthen us and introduces simple emotional stress release techniques.

    TFH 2: Introduces the Theory of the Five Elements used in acupressure, 14 new muscle tests and colour balancing. It teaches more techniques for helping pain and stress.

    TFH 3: Techniques are further developed and the final 14 muscle tests are given. The focus is on posture, reactive muscles and physical trauma release.

    TFH 4: Completes the instruction on the Five Elements, looks at frozen muscles and food sensitivity. It concentrates on the ability to give a 42-muscle balance.

    TFH courses are designed and monitored by the International Kinesiology College and are delivered by highly trained instructors. The four TFH courses can be used towards gaining a professional qualification in kinesiology.

    All stages of TFH courses are internationally certificated.
    The student is not required to complete all levels of the series. Each level is complete in itself, and builds on previous ones, adding content and developing proficiency in the learned skills.

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    Course Dates

  • Future dates to be advised
    Touch for Health 1 is taught over two days.

    Course Fees

  • Cost: 225 including 50 non-refundable deposit
  • Timings: 9.00am - 5.00pm
  • Duration - 2 days
  • Optional and by arrangement day supervised practice session 9.00-1.00pm

    Included in the fee:-

  • Course manual
  • A certificate for each level from the International Kinesiology College
  • Workbook and its marking
  • Refreshments provided throughout the day

    Course Book:
    A good reference book that students can purchase to accompany the course is Touch for Health, A Practical Guide to Natural Health with Acupressure Touch by John Thie, DC and Matthew Thie,M.Ed. Copies can be purchased from Amazon, Play.com - there are two editions and both are fine. Prices range from 15 - 23 new and second hand.

    Lunch is not provided.

    Courses will be held at:

    Castle Street Clinic
    36/37 Castle Street
    Guildford, Surrey
    GU1 3UQ

    Click here to download a street map


    Guildford Train Station - trains leave Waterloo Mainline Station regularly

    If you are interested in attending one of these courses please send me an email to receive a booking form and send it together with a deposit cheque for 50.

    A confirmation letter, map and joining instructions will be sent to you a week prior to the course.

    For future dates and locations yet to be confirmed, please visit this page regularly for updates.

    If you would like to be notified of forthcoming course dates and events, please send me an email and I will add you to my mailing list.

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    Muscle Testing for Other Therapies

    Could learning muscle testing benefit your practice?

    Practitioners of other therapies find that using muscle testing gives them an effective tool that can help take the guess work out of identifying the root cause of their client's health issues and the most effective treatment protocol.

    This one day course will:

  • Introduce you to kinesiology and its origins;
  • Enable you to muscle test correctly and successfully;
  • Provide a set of muscle testing tools;
  • Help you to adapt muscle testing to your therapy.

    Courses are held on a regular basis in Exeter and Exmouth. A minimum of 4 students are required to run a course.

    Cost: 80

    To register your interest and for details of the next course send an email

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    Events, Talks & Taster Days 2013

    Future dates to be posted. Please visit again for details of future talks If you wish to be on my mailing list for talks and course dates, please email with your contact details.

    If are interested in me providing a talk for an organisation, please email me so that we can explore this further.

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    Corporate Services

    The health of all employees is a vital asset to the smooth running of your company's day-to-day business. Winter colds can decimate the function of departmental tasks and long-term stress can affect the productivity of many employees. After many personal years of working in corporate life, I truly understand the pressure and disruption this can cause.

    I can provide in-house training, talks and taster events on kinesiology, to illustrate its benefits with practical demonstrations and teach simple but effective self-help techniques. I can do this for small groups of up to 50 individuals, as part of a corporate event or existing in-house training. These events are very enjoyable and work well in the 'grave yard session' of conferences just after lunch!

    If this is of interest to you and your company, please send me an email at email explaining what you have in mind and I can tailor a presentation to suit your needs.

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    A-Z of Alternative Therapies - Kinesiology
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    To download this article click here

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    If you would like a copy of these articles, please send an email stating the name of the article you want and I will send it to you.

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    It is important for me to provide accurate information about kinesiology to members of the press. If a member of the press would like a copy of my press pack which includes details of my services, courses, what kinesiology is about or would me like to give a demonstration, please email your request to me.

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